Election, Congressional District 1821

Contributed by: Sloan Mason

Source: The Centinel
Written: 1821

THE CENTINEL, 1-27-1821

     The following statement exhibits the number of votes taken at the late 
congressional election in this district, as ascertained by the returns of 
several Sheriffs compared at Kinston on Wednesday last.

             Blackledge            McKenne                                 
Carteret,       116                   53           
Craven,         397                  111
Jones,          165                   25
Lenoir,          81                   18
Wayne,           49                  290
Johnston,       880                  644                                    
                236 majority      
     From Greene, where Gen. McKenne is said to have had a majority of 70 
votes, no returns were received. Admitting this to be correct, Mr. 
Blackledge's actual majority is 166.     

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