F.A. Brothers, Administrator of D.A. Hill, 1867

Contributed by: Sloan Mason

Donated by Warren BROTHERS, & Mrs. Henry BROTHERS of Institute, Lenoir County, N.C.
Transcribed by Sloan Mason


State of North Carolina
To F. A. BROTHERS Administrator of D. A. HILL, Greeting:

------- causes offered before our Court of Pleas and Quarter Sessions, for the County 
of Lenoir we command and enjoin you the said F. A. BROTHERS, Admr. That laying all 
other matters aside, and notwithstanding any excuse, you personally appear before the 
Worshipful, the Justices of our said Court, at the Court to be held for the County of 
Lenoir, at the Court House in Kinston, on the 1st Monday of January to answer 
concerning those things which shall be then and there objected to you, in and by the 
petition of James M. HINES, Guardian (a copy of which said petition is hereto annexed)
and further to do and receive what our said Court shall consider in this behalf, and 
this you shall in no wise omit, as in case of your failing to appear, the said 
petition will be taken pro confesso and heard accordingly.

Witness, N. HUNTER, Clerk of our said Court, at Kinston the 3rd Monday of September in 
the 92nd year of our Independence A.D. 1867.
--- Wm. W. N. HUNTER, D.C.

State of North Carolina
Court of Pleas and Quarter Sessions
Lenoir County
Sept. Term 1867

To The Worshipful the Justice of said Court, The Petition of James M. HINES, Guardian
 to the minor heirs of D. A. HILL, to wit: James HILL, Fanni HILL, Jo.? HILL, and 
Eliza HILL respectfully showeth unto your Worships that he qualified and was appointed 
Guardian as aforesaid: at ----------- Term of said Court A.D. 186- Your petitioner 
further showeth that D. A. HILL, the father, of his wards, departed this life in the 
month of -------
(not written) A.D. 1867 intestate, and that F. A. BROTHERS was duly appointed 
administrator upon his said estate by this Court at the ----- (not written) Term, 
186- thereof, and took into his possession his entire personal estate of his said 
intestate much more than sufficient to pay his debts, funeral and testamentary charges. 
Your petitioner has called on the said F. A. BROTHERS, Administrator and requested him 
to come to an account and settlement with which request he refuses to comply. To the 
end that said Defendant may account and settle with your petitioner he prays your 
Worships to cause a subpoena to be issued with a copy of this petition, commanding him 
to appear and for all further and necessary relief, as in duty bound your petitioner 
will ever pray.

Sob.? For Petitioner

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