Formation of Lenoir County

This map shows North Carolina as it existed in 1790, before the creation of Lenoir County from it's parent Dobbs (Do) County.

This map shows Lenoir (Len) County in 1791 after its creation by splitting old Dobbs County into Lenoir and Glasgow (Gl).

This map shows Lenoir (Len) County in 1804 after it gained territory from Craven (Cr) and Jones (Jon) counties.

This map shows Lenoir (Len) County in 1819 after it gained more territory from Craven (Cr) County and lost some territory to Duplin (Dup) County. This is the shape of Lenoir County today.

These maps were supplied through the generosity of Gold Bug Historic Maps & Software. Visit their website at for historic map reproductions, downloadable maps, product info & demos, links to US and Canadian Geographic Servers and other interesting sites. Special thanks to Art Lassagne.

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