Mary Ann Griffin Injured

Transcribed by Carolyn Shank

Thurs., July 7, 1859     North Carolina Argus July 7, 1859

   SHOCKING ACCIDENT --One of the most shocking accideents occurred here last 
week, which we have ever seen. It appears that Mary ANN GRIFFIN, aged about 
eight years, daughter of MRS. CATHERINE GRIFFIN was playing at MR. WEBB'S 
mill, when her foot slipped, and she fell upon the cogwheel and was mangled in 
a most shocking manner. Her right leg is completely mashed, the bones being 
broken in several places. Her left leg is not injured quite as bad. We saw the 
little suffered today (Sunday). She appeared to suffer very much. We truly 
sympathize with her mother. She appears to bear up under this sad calamity 
with sucfh fortitude as only women have. We know she has the entire sympathies 
of this community. MRS. GRIFFIN is a widow and has several small chilren. -- 
Kinson American Advocate

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