Star Abstracts

Transcribed by Sloan Mason


The Star was published in Raleigh, NC.

Provided by Sloan Mason and typed for posting by Christine Grimes Thacker

 On Friday the 2nd day of next Month in Kinston, at the shop of Doct, 
William Anderson, deceased, all the Medicine, shop furniture, Medical 
Books, and Surgical instruments of the said deceased; consisting of a 
very general assortments of fresh and chosen Medicine, shop furniture, 
with a varilety (sic) of valuable Medical Books, &c. If not finished on 
the first day, the sale will continue from day to day until sold. Six 
Months credit will be given, Purchasers giving note with approved 
security to the Executor.  
Kinston, July 3rd, 1810                       23-Jw.
The Star 10  4  1810 -  Kinston - Married
In Surry County, on the 16th ult, John II,Winbush?, Esq. of Halifax 
county, Virg, to Miss Rebekah L. Williams,daughter of Col. Joseph 
Williams, of Surry.In Greene county, on the 27th ult. Mr. Nathan J. 
Blount, of the town of Kinston, to Miss Elizabeth Isler, of the former 
The Star-Kinston, Oct. 2, 1820   Obituary
That Isaac Taylor, Captain.) late of the County of Lenoir, is dead, and 
that letters of Administration on his estate have been granted to the 
subscriber, at the present Court of Pleas and Quarter Sessions of said 
These are therefore to require all persons indebted to said estate, to 
make immediate payment, and those having claims against said deceased, 
are requested to present them for payment within the time Prescribed by 
law, otherwise this notice will be plead in bar of the recovery of such 
                       JOHN GATLIN,
   Kinston, October 2nd, 1820


The Star- 12-27-1810
George Pollock, Esq. of Newbern, lately sent to his plantation on Trent 
river, in Jones county, thirty four full blooded Melino sheep, which cost 
him six thousand dollars.


The Star  12 Oct., 1809

From the Subscriber on the 10th day of September, a bright mulatto fellow 
by the name of Ralph.
He is about 35 years old--a number of his fore teeth are missing---
several before, so as to disqualify him from chawing any thing hard. He 
has a very dawn look. He had on when he left me cotton clothes, except 
his coat, which was cotton cambrick, of a brown colour, made in the 
present fashion.
The coat had a pocket on the inside of the left lappell.---- He is about 
five feet, eight or ten inches high--thick built. I expect he will 
attempt to pass for a free man, and, perhaps, aim for Richmond, in 
Virginia, where he was raised. He left his former master, whose name was 
Jeffery,(lived in South Carolina,) and passed for a free man about 
fifteen months in the counties of Duplin, Bladen, and Jones, where he was 
at length taken up and committed to Wilmington jail, where his master got 
him. Any person who will confine said Negro in any Jail in this state so 
I get him again, shall receive a reward of ten dollars, and if delivered 
to me in Wadesborough, 25 dollars.
Wadesborough, Sept. 25, 1809. 49----3 m.


The Star  24 May, 1810    

                     UNITED STATES
From the Marshal of North Carolina to his Assistants, appointed to take 
Appointments have been made in most of the Counties throughout the State 
to perform the above mentioned duty. the following are the names of the 
Counties and the persons appointed:

 Names of counties            Names of Assistants
 Ashe                         Samuel Cox
 Anson                        Adam Lockhart
 Buncombe                     Philip Brittain
 Burke                        Edwin Sharp
 Bladen                       Andrew M'Iver
 Cabarrus                     Joseph Young
 Chatham                      Thomas Wadill
 Caswell                      Abraham B. Morton
 Cumberland                   Dillon Jordan
 Craven                       Solomon Patrick
 Chowan                       Edmund Hoskins
 Duplin                       Daniel L. Kenan
 Franklin                     William Bricke
 Guilford                     Joseph Davis
 Granville                    Willis Lewis
 Halifax                      Rhesa Read 
 Iredell                      Andrew King
 Johnston                     William W. Bryan
 Lincoln                      Daniel Forney
 Mecklenburg                  Daniel Gallant
 Montgomery                   Edmand Deberry
 Moore                        Archibald M'Neill
 Martin                       John Smithwick
 New-Hanover                  John James
 Nash                         Michael Collins
 Northampton                  William B. Lockhart
 Orange                       Richard Christmass
 Person                       Laurance Vanhook
 Rutherford                   Leonard Daniel
 Rowan                        Alexander Frohock
 Randolph                     Michael Harvey
 Rockingham                   Mark Hardin
 Richmond                     J. Macalister
 Robeson                      Gilbert Sillars
 Surry                        Charles Talleaferro
 Stokes                       Andrew Bowman
 Tyrrel                       Moses Cator
 Wilkes                       William Hampton
 Wake                         Seth Jones
 Warren                       Halcot Tyrrel
 Wayne                        J. Slocumb
 Washington                   James Blount

     All assistants who accept their appointment willgive immediate 
notice thereof to the Marshal, and indicate the place to which their 
commissions shall be forwarded by mail. A copy of the Act of Congress on 
the subject of the census, and a letter of instruction prescribing the 
mode in which the duty is to be performed, will accompany each 
Commission. Unless the notice required is communicated in a reasonable 
time, the Marshal will proceed to appoint Assistants in the room of those 
who shall fail to conform to this requisition. It is hoped that 
applications will be made immediately for the appointment of Assistants 
in the counties where appointments have not already been conferred. It is 
expected that the postage on all letters sent to the Marshal will be 
                                 BEVERLY DANIEL,
                         Marshal of the North Carolina District.
   City of Raleigh, May 10, 1810.              20-----2w


Additional notes from Roger Kammerer

Died in Greene Co 7th of month Mrs. Nancy H. Pope consort of John Pope 
and daughter of the late Rev. Seth Speight  19 years old  21 Feb. 1812 
md 12 ? by Rev Ben Joyner - Charles Smallwood to Mrs. Mary Moye of Swift 
Creek - PITT co  9 Aug 1811

Md in Newbern - John Albritton of Greene Co to Miss Deborah Tignor  27 
March 1812 d on 13th Hymerick Hooker of Green - 23 Dec 1814

Green Co - Winfred Edwards vs James G. Shepperd, Theoplilus Edwards and 
others, Wm Murphy and Polly his wife, John Heath and Sally his wife, 
John, Zilpha, Elizabeth, Sarah, and Mathew Stanly - 27 June 1817  
(Children of Zilphia Stanley dec being children of John Stanley: Polly 
Stanly and children  Wm, Thomas, James, Elizabeth Stanley. Zelpha, Ford 
?, Sarah and Polly Glout ? can't read  writing

Sarah Harper vs Francis Harper, J. Harper, Hugh, Alex, Blaney, Robert 
Harper; Elijah Johnson and wife Elizabeth, John Forehand and wife 
Susannah - last 2 out of state, Caleb, Janes ?, Alexander Spivey, 
Elizabeth Spivey - 24 Sept 1819 - for distribution shares and dower - 
Greene Co

Lenoir Co - Jan 1822 - Isaiah Johnson and wife and others vs Henry, 
James, Simon Bell and Sally Rouse, Burwell London and wife Nancy, John 
Baker and wife Polly, Robert Daniel and wife Eleanor, James Vans ? and 
wife Charlotte - 29 --- 1822 - some out of state

Aug Term 1823 - co-executors of Thomas Holiday and Wm Holiday vs the 
heirs of Francis Rasberry dec - John Rasberry and John Brand and wife 
Elvy - defendant out of State

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