Two Deaths in Lenoir County ~ 1916

Contributed by Sloan Mason

Transcribed by Jane Garner

Charldailyobs, 2-27-1916

Two Deaths in Lenoir County.

Kinston, Feb. 26—Special.  Funerals of two well-know persons were held in 
Lenoir County yesterday.  The remains of Louis J. Cullom, who died at his 
home on East Caswell street here, were interred in Maplewood Cemetery.  
Mr. Cullom was 57 years of age.  He is survived by his wife and one son and 
one daughter.  He had been an invalid from paralysis for four years, and a 
complication of troubles contributed to death.

	Mrs. Jacob Mewborn, wife of a young planter, died at her home 
several miles from this city.  Mrs. Mewborn was about 24 years of age.  She 
is survived by two small children besides her husband.  She was Miss Bruton 
of Morehead City, before marriage.

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