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Can anyone help with these queries?

April 2008

John Lee born 1794 Johnston County Nc found in Lenior County Nc in the 1850 census 
with Sallie of Sarah Lee, born 1798. 
Irene Lee b.1820
henry Lee b. 1827 married Mary Blizzard in 1854
Susan Lee b. 1825 d. 1910 married Richard Lee 1877
Rachel Lee b. 1830 married a taylor
Giles Lee b. 1833 married Louise
William Lee b. 1835 married Eliza Ernet, then Rebecca Jane
Celia James 1838
Mary W Lee b 1840
Our link to this is William Lee, hoever I need to find out who John Lee's parents were, I have 
linked him back to the Johnston COunty Census however unable to figure out his parents, If 
any one has any knowledge on this family I would apprecaite any help. 

Email direct at: 
Posted March 31, 2008 Surname: Taylor Time Frame: 1725-1825 Researcher: Ralph Taylor Notes: Looking for the parents of Michael TAYLOR, born 1789, probably in the Core Creek or Flat Swamp area of northwestern Craven County, North Carolina. Have developed extensive information on Taylors and the associated/related families in the area which I am willing to share. Those include Beasley, Daughety, Green Slade, Bryan, Aclin. (Novice researchers please note that these names are spelled multiple ways.) Y-DNA evidence indicates that Michael Taylor shared a common male ancestor with Moses Taylor (1729-1819), son of Robert Taylor (1709-1780). Thus, he is somehow descended from the extended Abraham Taylor family that migrated from Baltimore County, Maryland to Craven County, North Carolina in 1729, but DNA does not say who, when or where. Michael was closely associated with James Taylor, another son of Robert, from no later than 1810 (and probably earlier) until James' death in 1816. This association is documented in Rutherford County, Tennessee, where James migrated about 1806. The hypothesis that James was Michael's father has been explored and rejected on several grounds. If I can help you, I will. If you can help me, I'll be especially grateful. Email direct at:
Ralph Taylor
Posted April 3, 2008 October 2008 My 5th Great Grandparents came to Johnson/Dobbs/Lenoir County NC in 1750 from Toft Hamlet, Warwickshire, England. Their names were John Barrs b. MAR 5, 1727. He and his son John Barrs, Jr. Served in the NC Militia in 1776 and 1777. I am searching for the name of the wife of John Barrs, Jr. Email direct at:
Al Barrs
Posted October 24, 2008 November 2008 I would like to contact any Daughetys living in Lenoir County, who are working on genealogy, or any people of another name, but who are working on Daughety family history. I am writing a book on the descendants of Owen Daughety, who died in Craven County in 1785 (well, actually, 2 generations before him). He had two families, and I believe that the first ended up living in Lenoir County after his death. Only one member of the second family--Ephraim Daughety--remained in North Carolina after 1797, and he lived in Craven County, where I believe that many of his descendants still live today. I've completed the book from 1673 (from Ireland to Norfolk, VA) to about 1850 (the splitting off of the 2 families, as the second family moved to KY with the Moses Taylor group). But, as I begin work on the next generation, I'd like NOT to leave out that first family that remained in North Carolina. Email direct at:
Donna Hart
Posted November 14, 2008

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