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Summer Time

    If you are having trouble keeping cool this summer, look at the
    suggested ways offered in the Weekly Star, Wilmington, NC June
    26, 1891
    With the thermometer in the nineties for days together, as it has been this
    week and will be at other times during the summer, New York is not by any 
    means uninhabitable or even an uncomfortable city to live in if you live right.
    Don't wear starched linen, or suspenders, or a vest.
    Don't fill yourself with any kind of alcoholic drink, and don't overeat or starve.
    Don't run to catch a car, but wait for the next.
    Don't debilitate your system with warm baths or political discussions, but
    take your baths as invigoratingly cold as you can and leave politics for cooler 
    Don't swelter in gas-lit rooms when you can sit on a balcony or out of doors.
    Don't be afraid of taking cold from draughts or thin clothes. Both are "indicated" 
    as the doctors say, in such weather as that of the last few days.
    Don't lose your temper over anything. Don't get into debt. Don't imagine that exercise,
    even in the sun is detrimental. The man who is active out of doors, without hurry suffers
    less from the heat than he who is inert.
    Don't neglect to run out of town over night, especially is the run be by water.
    Don't ask anybody if it is hot enough for him, and don't answer the questions if
    put to you.
    Live calmly and you may enjoy life with the mercury in the nineties as well as
    at any other time.

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