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How to Wash Clothes

    A pioneer mother wrote her daughter telling her how to wash clothes...
    Build a fire in backyard to heat kettle of rain water.
    Set tubs so smoke won't blow in eyes if wind is present.
    Shave whole cake lye soap in boiling water.
    Sort things, making three piles, one pile of white, one pile of colored and one pile of rags 
    and britches.
    Stir flour in cold water to smooth for starch, and then thin down with boiling water.
    Rub dirty spots on board, then boil. Rub colored but don't boil.
    Take white things out of kettle lifting with broom handle, then rinse, blue and starch.
    Spread tea towels on grass.
    Hang old rags on fence.
    Pour rinse water in flower bed.
    Scrub porch with soapy water.
    Scrub privey seat and floor with soapy water caught from porch floor scrub.
    Turn tubs upside down.
    Go put on clean dress. Smooth hair with side combs. Brew up tea, set and rest a spell 
    and count your blessings.

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